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We provide a solution (hardware/software/methodology) that help professional and amateur athletes to increase performance in a smart way reducing possibility of injuries.


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In order to achieve peak performance in a professional sport the workload needs to be optimal. Overtraining of athletes increases probability of injuries. Undertraining does not let to achieve peak performance.

We develop a speed training system (hardware/software) that helps to track performance, by measuring speed, force and distance. Measured data is used to calculate performance parameters, seeking features indicating fatigue, disbalance and instantly presented to the coach. The data is saved to a database.

Technical specification


Austra Skujytė

“As a coach, I want my athletes to be powerful at the start and fast in the race. Working with this Alex7, I can achieve both: I can use it in the resistive mode to make them powerful and I can use it in assistive mode to make them run faster than they actually can. Alex7 is a great tool that gives me options and leads me to a great performance.”

Andrė Ožechauskaitė

“Personally, I can see the progress while using this device. When training with it, I feel much safer, and more motivated to work, and the results really haven’t decreased, they are only increasing. Also, I see an advantage in that there is definitely less chance of getting injured.” 

Atėnė Šliževičiūtė

“Alex7 is a more innovative and modern device than we have ever used. I feel safe while using it. Also, you save time, because you don’t need two people, you just turn on whatever force you want and it can correspond to a sledge, which is when you are dragging something heavy, to obtain speed.”

Our team


Valdas, CEO

Dr. Valdas Grigaliūnas


Deividas Zelickas

Mechatronics Engineer

Timas Akelis

Software Engineer


Dr. Sigitas Kamandulis

Dr. Sigitas Kamandulis

Sports Scientist

Dr. Inga Lukonaitienė

Sports Scientist


Austra Skujytė

Olympic medalist /coach



We're an innovative company located in Science & Technology Park - Tech-Park Kaunas, Lithuania, developing sports products using measurements, result tracking, analysis, and methodology development to stay ahead.

We're are the company that creates easy-to-use sports products. We focus on measuring, tracking, and analyzing results to help you improve.