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We provide a solution (hardware/software/methodology) that help professional and amateur athletes to increase performance in a smart way reducing possibility of injuries.


In order to achieve peak performance in a professional sport the workload needs to be optimal. Overtraining of athletes increases probability of injuries. Undertraining does not let to achieve peak performance.


We develop a speed training system (hardware/software) that helps to track performance, by measuring speed, force and distance. Measured data is used to calculate performance parameters, seeking features indicating fatigue, disbalance and instantly presented to the coach. The data is saved to a data base.

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Inosportas, MB

We are small but innovative and flexible company with solid team located in Kaunas Science and Technology Park (Lithuania). We develop products for sports that help to be ahead. Systems are based on various measurements, tracking of results, analysis, development of methodologies.

Also, we are providing services for systems automation which are based on sensor. Starting from sensors data integration and measurement data interpretation and finishing with convenient data presentation and complex decision-making algorithms.